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Technical services

We offer an extensive range of industrial technical services – all designed to help our customers optimize their lubrication programs and machine availability. These services provide your operation with solutions that can offer competitive advantages and outstanding value.

Offered under our Mobil Serv℠ brand, these services will include:

  • Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis (formerly Signum℠ Oil Analysis) provides a detailed examination of the lubricant you’re using and offers options for improvement.

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  • Mobil Serv Advanced Analytics complements our lubricant analysis program with sophisticated testing to solve challenging lubrication problems, assess lube compatibility, compare product performance and support failure analysis.

  • Mobil Serv Engineering Services are the full suite of technical services ranging from lubrication instructions and plant studies to gear and internal engine inspections.

For more information, please contact your local Mobil industrial lubricants representative, or our Technical Help Desk.

Our services are designed to complement our world-class Mobil™ lubricants and deliver on our promise of advancing productivity – helping you achieve your critical goals in:

safety Safety:

Our services can help enhance equipment reliability and reduce hands-on maintenance, which limits potential employee risks and the possibility of leaks and spills

environmental care Environmental Care:

Our services can identify energy saving opportunities that can lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Additionally, our oil drain interval studies can help reduce lubricant disposal and related maintenance waste.

productivity Productivity:

Our services can help improve equipment uptime and efficiency that can boost your competitive edge by reducing production costs, maintenance expenses and equipment replacement.

*Actual benefits will depend upon product selected, operating conditions and applications.