Industrial lubricants by application

Our Mobil™ industrial lubricants are designed to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and with maximum reliability. From mineral and synthetic lubricants to high-performance greases, and compressor oils to cutting fluids, our industrial lubricants help you do more.

Use our tool below to explore our high-performance lubricants based on your specific industrial lubrication needs. Click on a product name to learn more about each product and the unique benefits it offers.

Contact your local industrial lubricant distributor  to confirm product suitability for your application and local availability, or contact us to learn more.


Common industrial applications

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  • Industrial lubricants

    Industrial lubricants

    Every Mobil™ industrial lubricant is specially formulated to provide maximum protection and extend equipment life.

  • Industry lubrication solution

    Industry lubrication solutions

    Looking for lubrication solutions for your industry needs? Learn how Mobil™ industrial lubricants can help to keep your operation running smoothly and reliably.