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Lubricants for Metal Working

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Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 46 success story: Decreased operating temperature and cost, and increased oil change interval | Mobil™

The extended wear protection of Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ hydraulic oil helped one customer double the oil drain interval on their machines. Learn more.

Success stories

Mobilgrease XHP™ 461 success story: Steel rolling mill Russia | Mobil™

Hot sheet steel rolling mill uses Mobilgrease XHP™ 461 water resistant grease to improve bearing protection, demonstrating superb water washout resistance.

Care and maintenance of Mobil™ aqueous metalworking fluids | Mobil™

Get the do’s and don’ts to handling aqueous cutting fluids, as well as machine preparation and maintenance.

Slideway lubrication stick-slip effect | Mobil™

In a metal removal process, loss of frictional control can cause inaccuracies that ultimately result in lost machine tool productivity. Learn how to avoid this.

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  • Machine tool cutting fluid dripping

    Mobilcut Series

    Mobilcut™ Series fluids can help provide you with excellent performance in your arduous machining operations.

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