Gas turbine blades


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Lubricants for Turbines

Technical resources

  • Silver gas steam turbine
    Turbine Oil Oxidation Stability Test | Mobil™

    This article shows when the Turbine Oil Oxidation Stability Test (TOST) can be a valuable resource, when it can be less valuable and alternative procedures to consider when evaluating your hydraulic oil life.

    Technical topics

  • Vanquish varnish
    Vanquishing varnish | Mobil™

    One common problem that operators in the power industry constantly face is the formation of varnish. Learn how varnish forms and how to prevent it.

    Industrial application expertise

  • Gas turbine blades
    Mobil SHC™ 824 Solar gas turbine oil success story | Mobil™

    Monmouth Energy uses Mobil SHC™ 824 in a Solar gas turbine for more than 90,000 hours. See the turbine oil results verified using Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis.

    Success stories

  • Turbine oil testing compatibility
    Proper turbine oil test methods | Mobil™

    The reliability and profitability of your power generation operation depends on choosing the right turbine oil. Learn how to go beyond basic laboratory tests.

    Technical topics

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  • Gas turbine in machine

    Mobil SHC™ 800 Series

    Through proprietary base oils and specifically chosen additives, Mobil SHC™ 800 Series turbine oils deliver high performance in severe applications. Learn more.

  • Engineers working on turbine

    Technical services

    Explore technical services from our Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis program to plant studies that can help your organization improve performance and productivity.