Power generation

For both traditional and renewable energy-generation industries – coal, nuclear, solar and wind – Mobil™ industrial lubricants are designed to help enhance equipment reliability and uptime. Beginning with the dawn of the electrical power generation industry, we have 150 years of industry experience and expertise and offer a wide range of standard-setting solutions and services.

  • Coal

    Coal energy power plant yard

    The right industrial lubricants can increase your coal power plant’s productivity and efficiency. Learn how Mobil™ industrial lubricants can help.

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  • Hydroelectric

    Hydroelectric dam

    Our products are designed to provide trouble-free performance for common conditions in the hydroelectric sector, helping hydroelectric equipment operate at maximum efficiency.

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  • Natural gas engines

    Natural gas compressor

    The right industrial lubricants can improve natural gas engine reliability and performance. Learn how Mobil™ industrial lubricants are helping the natural gas engine industry achieve higher levels of productivity.

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  • Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear energy industry towers

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  • Gas turbines

    Increase your gas turbine power plant's productivity and turbine efficiency through enhanced reliability and uptime with Mobil™ industrial lubricants.

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  • Wind energy

    Trust Mobil SHC™ industrial synthetic lubricants to help keep your wind turbines running at peak efficiency for many years in demanding conditions.

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