Mobil™ Unirex EP 2

Mobil™ Unirex EP 2

The UNIREX™ EP family of greases are high performance and extremely versatile long-life premium performance greases. Mobil Unirex grades have been formulated with high quality basestocks, proprietary high performance lithium complex thickener technology and an additive package designed to provide outstanding wear protection, excellent rust and corrosion protection and very good resistence to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation in high temperature applications. Unirex meets the challenges in demanding applications in many industries including transportation, manufacturing, construction, mining, logging, cement, marine and paper-making, where a grease must perform well in a multitude of different severe applications.


Features and Benefits

Features  Advantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding adhesion and water resistanceStays-in-place and resists wash-out in the presence of water, thereby extending lubrication intervals and helping equipment to last longer
Excellent protection against rust and corrosionKeeps the lubricated surfaces protected, thereby reducing component wear and damage and helping to extend equipment life
Potent extreme pressure/wear protectionDesigned to protect components under severe load and shock conditions, thereby reducing wear and increasing component life
Licensed against NLGI service classification GC/LB Designed for wheel bearing and chassis lubrication
Excellent high temperature stability and service lifeDesigned to provide excellent service in severe high temperature applications, helps to extend lubricant and component life



  • In applications where NLGI service classification GC/LB quality is required or preferred (EP 1 / EP 2)
  • In chassis applications for on-road and off road equipment, where excellent adhesion and water resistance are required
  • In a multitude of applications indoors and outdoors, in stationary and mobile equipment, in high and low temperature applications
  • As a multi-purpose grease for use in a wide variety of applications, allowing for consolidation and simplification


Specifications and Approvals

Unirex meets or exceed the requirements of:EP 1EP 2
NLGI Service Classification GC/LBxx
ARVIN MERITOR AM 0665 Permalube 
U-Joint Grease     


Typical Properties

NLGI Grade210.51.510.51.5
Operating Temp. Range, °C (1)-30 to 160-30 to 160-35 to 110-55 to 110-30 to 150-35 to 110-55 to 110
Min. Dispensing Temp, °C (2)-15-20-25-40-15-25-40
Worked Penetration, @ 25°C, mm/10280325350300320350300
Dropping Point, °C300280190260280190260
Oil Viscosity   cSt @ 40°C  22022068102206810
Timken, OK Load, kg 27272727272727
4 Ball Wear, mm0.,50.50.5
4 Ball EP, kg, Weld 315315200200500200200
Corrosion Prevention RatingPassPassPassPassPassPassPass

The values shown above are representative of current production. Some are controlled by manufacturing and performance specifications while others are not. All may vary within modest ranges.

(1) For assistance in choosing the correct grade of Unirex, contact your sales or technical representative
(2) Hand grease gun, under average conditions. Automatic systems may require higher temperatures



The products described on this data sheet are manufactured from high quality petroleum base stocks, carefully blended with selected soaps and additives. As with all petroleum products, good personal hygiene and careful handling should always be practiced. Avoid prolonged contact to skin, splashing into the eyes, ingestion or vapour inhalation. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Always protect greases from contamination by dust or water. High-pressure injection of any grease under the skin can cause serious delayed soft tissue damage and should be treated immediately by a physician. To avoid injection injuries, inspect greasing equipment regularly for worn hoses and fittings. Keep fingers away from the nozzle and ensure the nozzle is firmly in place before discharging the grease.


Note: The products described on this data sheet are NOT controlled under Canadian WHMIS legislation.