Think twice. Choose Mobil 1™. Synthetic > Conventional. Same shelf. Different levels of protection

Think twice. Choose Mobil 1™.

Your engine needs protection that conventional motor oils can’t provide. Synthetic motor oils are the answer. And some synthetics are rewriting the limits of motor oil. With Mobil 1™ advanced synthetic motor oils, you get outstanding performance, long-lasting protection and extended engine life.

Made differently: 3 reasons why synthetics win

Keeping your engine running strong depends on what you pour into it, so it’s important to know some motor oil basics. Synthetic motor oils, such as Mobil 1, outperform conventional motor oils because of how they’re made:

  • 1. High-quality base oils

    Mobil 1 synthetic oils are developed from a proprietary blend of high-quality base oils. Conventional oils are made from a different blend of less refined base oils.

  • 2. Hand-selected components

    Mobil 1 synthetic oils include a system of more than 15 hand-selected components as a unique proprietary blend that helps the oils retain their protective qualities under extreme conditions. Conventional oils don’t include the same system of hand-selected components, so they break down quicker and provide less protection under extreme conditions.

  • 3. Advanced technology and expertise

    Mobil 1 synthetic oils are specially formulated by a dedicated team of scientists and engineers. Up to 20,000 hours of lab/field testing and 80,000 kilometers of road/track testing go into each bottle of Mobil 1 motor oil.

Engine protection: A head-to-head comparison

The true measurement for motor oils is how well they can protect your engine from the demands of everyday use. The next-generation technology of Mobil 1 synthetic oils can protect your engine better and keep your vehicle on the road longer than conventional oils (synthetic blends included).

Mobil 1™ advanced full
 synthetic motor oils
  motor oils
Clean up virtually all engine sludge
  in just one oil change.
 Provide superior high-temperature
Protect at temperatures down to 
 -40 degree Celsius.
 Extend oil life.

Mobil 1 helps keep your engine in excellent condition

  • A dedicated team of scientists and engineers maximize the synthetic capabilities of Mobil 1 motor oils by carefully selecting and combining components, achieving a fully balanced formulation that ensures outstanding engine performance and protection. That’s a big reason why Mobil 1 motor oils keep important engine parts in excellent condition for up to 400,000km.

Up to 400,000 kilometers of protection

Mobil 1 motor oils help prevent sludge build-up and protect critical engine parts for up to 400,000km†

400, 000 kilometers excellent condition engine

†Total engine kilometers. Testing conducted on selected vehicles/engines using GF-5 Mobil 1 formulations more than 400,000 kilometers using high speed highway drive cycles.

Upgrade to Mobil 1

Get more kilometers out of your vehicle. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, light-duty van or truck, there’s a Mobil 1 motor oil specially formulated for your needs.