Mobilith SHC™ 100 grease bearing success story

Zero bearing failures in

2 years
Roller bearing lubricant grease


Banpong Tapioca Flour Industrial Co., Ltd. runs two operation lines for the production of tapioca starch. The Starmex Rasper motors of the production lines were running at high speeds of up to 1,800rpm and generating temperatures of up to 90°C. Lubricated with an EP 2 grease, the grease on the bearings started to leak after a year and then failed completely.


A Mobil Lube Engineer inspected the equipment and recommended Mobilith SHC 100 grease, a high-performance synthetic lithium complex grease (suited for use in high speed equipment like electric motors).


After deployingMobilith SHC 100 grease, the benefits acquired include:

  • Reduction of operating temperature of the bearings from 90°C to around 75°C
  • After running for two years, zero bearing failures with no leakage of grease from the motors
  • Annual cost savings of US $7,263


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